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 Staff App. Format Suggestion/ My Experience

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PostSubject: Staff App. Format Suggestion/ My Experience   Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:55 pm

Use this :

Irl name :
Ingame name :
Age :
Country :
Experience :
Why you should get staff? :
What you are going to do when you get staff ? :

An example of what one of my staff apps:

Irl name : My name in real life is: Blake

Ingame name : My in-game name is Time

Age : I am 17 years of age

Country : I live in the United States of America

Experience : I have been moderator, admin, and co/main owner on numerous servers. I know a lot about the current source being used and I have coded a server similar to this one. I have also been moderator on this server for over 2 months now, not only that but I have been playing this server for over 9 months. I have been 100% loyal to this server and have played every day.

Why you should get staff? : I believe that i should get the position of administrator in game because I am on daily. Also, there is never any high ranking staff on in my timezone, that means that no one can be ip muted or ip banned, allowing us to have people make new accounts and spam our server. I am also currently a moderator in-game, and i have been the longest moderator, a total of 2 months. I have played every day and devoted my time to helping players, you can see this by my progress in-game for my levels, i haven't leveled in quite some time. I am on every day like i said before for over 1 hour - 4 hours weekdays, and up to 16 hours on weekends. I am one of the longest playing members of this server with a total of 9 months, playing for 9 months there has never been an issue involved with me. In-game i have solved all problems that is possible with my current rank, and if i could not deal with them i told them what steps needed to be taken to fix them, as in who to talk to and such. 99% of the problems i have been able to deal with, helping the players and creating a fun playing experience. I am constantly helping and chatting with the new players and the veterans to assist and promote the best experience possible on the server. I have been forums mod for the longest also, and have prevented spam from the forums and helped to create a healthy forums enviroment. I also have the most posts with over 100, at least 50-60 more posts then the other top posters. Also i have banned, kicked and solved issues involving the chatbox, including evading ddoses by talking with the ddosers through the chatbox. I think that i am very good with communication and I believe i am a great mod and that i could also be an amazing administrator, that is why i think i should receive the title of in-game administrator.

What you are going to do when you get staff ? : Once i do receive the title of in-game administrator i will be able to further enforce the rules and help the players of the server. I will be able to ip ban and mute those who disobey the rules with spam/ other offenses worthy of that disciplinary action. I will not abuse my staff position, for i have not with mod and will definetely not with administrator. I will keep the server spam free, and keep up what i have been doing, by helping players 24/7 and creating zectorx-scape to be an amazing server! I hope to stay on as much as i am currently and then some. I will remain the kind, and trustworthy staff member you have now!

I hope to receive the position of administrator to help even more with the server. With the position of administrator i know it means more responsibility which i believe fully i am ready to take. I think that with the staff position of administrator i can keep the server safer and better than it was before. I am one of the longest playing members of the server with over 9 months of days played, and over 2 months have been as moderator. I was the first forums mod and i hope to become an administrator on this great server too. I will help players as much as i am now and hopefully even more. I am applying for this position because i think i deserve the chance to show you i am ready to take on the role of administrator and the privileges and responsibilities that come with that position.

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Staff App. Format Suggestion/ My Experience
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