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 Do Some Of The Staff even Deserver Staff??

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Owner Lamar
Owner Lamar

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PostSubject: Do Some Of The Staff even Deserver Staff??   Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:36 pm

Ok first off im not trying to be mean but some players shouldnt be staff at all due to the fact they never come on and didnt really deserve it.

Those Names Are:
Da Helperz
And some others

Why dont they deserve it?
Well One i never see them on. . .
I can only on on the weekends but still i sneak on during the weekdays sometimes and i still dont see them on like they should be. Second i know Da Helperz applied and all but does he even know the server? Hes never on so im sure he doesnt.
3rd who consulted me into decideing this?
Or anyone else?
I think we should have polls on who should be staff or not.
Like it would only be fair. Also there must be some requirements because they dont even recruit or arent even on themselves to help new comers. I came on the other day and there were 2 new comers and guess who helped em?
Me. The one who can only come on the weekdays. Its funny. Im just saying they should help more.

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Do Some Of The Staff even Deserver Staff??
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