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 Why Salacious?

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PostSubject: Why Salacious?   Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:48 pm

Some of you refuse to accept the idea of the merge, or even try it, others of you get on and make a big deal out of every flaw you can find on Salacious. Well here's some things you actually gain from joining Salacious.

(Private servers have flaws, but unlike most servers we actually listen to our players and will do our best to fix them.)

1.On Salacious, the Elite Void Knight actually has the correct boosts, on NeziaX it did not have any boosts.
2.There are more bosses, that are more challenging, and better quality, infact I think the only one we're missing is Nex.
3.By using just one server this will allow both Sarrio and myself to focus on updating it which means 2x the speed, 2x the quality, and 2x the frequency.

There's also many more, but for the sake of length of the post I'll there. To be honest the only real thing NeziaX had that Salacious does not was fullscreen, but by the looks of the videos, no one used it anyways.

We did this with everyones best interest in mind, and it will pay off if everyone cooperates, so please if you haven't yet give it a try and work with us, and if you're one of the people complaining, understand that complaints won't get us anywhere, but positive and constructive suggestions will. We understand your banks are gone and your levels and staff ranks, but if it transferred over to Salacious it would ruin it for everyone, the goal was to bring new players, new players don't want to play a challenging server where everyone is maxed and rich, they like to play with other newer people.


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PostSubject: Re: Why Salacious?   Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:31 pm

yea i just joined really nice server Razz


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Why Salacious?
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