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 How to earn Rep and Vouches

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PostSubject: How to earn Rep and Vouches   Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:20 pm

Earning vouch/rep
Hello everyone, with the vouching system implemented for staff applications, you may find yourself wondering how to I gain credible vouches. It's not that difficult, just participate in the forums if someone is looking for something give them a good post back and you may earn rep, and a vouch. Notice a problem with the game? Be the one to state the problem in the forums and help everyone out and you will earn vouch/rep. Take a look in the coding section, if you think you've got some code that would be helpful, contribute to the community and you can earn rep/vouch.

Value your rep/vouches
Vouch and Rep should be considered a high honor, so don't give it out for nothing. Vouch and rep will used to determine who is trustworthy and a great member of the community, if you rep, or vouch for someone who turns out to be a scammer, or hacker your loss will not be covered, so please vouch and rep wisely.

No begging
Please do not ask, or beg for rep, or vouch. They will be given if they are earned, asking for them may seem like a smart idea at first, but how will it make you look when the community views you as a beggar, well I'll tell you one thing is for certain, it won't look good on your staff application.

Other ways to gain rep/vouch
Alternative methods for gaining vouch/rep, we all have services and materials we can offer to the community these may posted in the buying and selling section, whether they be virtual goods and services, or material goods and services, if you prove yourself trustworthy in this field you may easily gain rep and vouches, however scamming will not be tolerated. Scammers will be banned from both servers, the forums, and put on a list of untrustworthy people, so please be honest if you choose to do this.

Do not abuse
Vouch/Rep may not be purchased with in-game items, virtual good/services, or money they must be earned. If anyone is caught trying to purchase, or sell rep/vouches they will have all rep and vouches removed, stripped of any rank they may have on the servers, and muted. If you see someone buy/selling rep/vouches please report them in the reports section of this forum and provide screenshots, or witnesses.


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How to earn Rep and Vouches
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